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Why Consume fermented herbs?

Grateful Harvest have a wonderful range of four fermented herbs -

Milk Thistle  - Has been used traditionally as a treatment for liver and biliary disorders. It is a popular treatment for numerous liver conditions, including hepatitis and cirrhosis. Milk thistle extract is viewed as a daily health insurance against environmental pollutants, over-the-counter drugs such as acetaminophen and overindulgence in alcohol and rich foods.

Holy Basil - Is considered a sacred plant in India. It is traditionally used to treat common colds, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis and fever. Holy basil is also used as an antidepressant to control mood swings.

Turmeric  Is traditionally used to relive stomachache, cure gastrointestinal diseases, as a carminative, tonic and externally in the treatment of skin conditions. It is also used as an antioxidant and for preserving food as it is antimicrobial. Numerous studies suggest turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties.  Also belived to help prevent Alzheimer's by breaking down plaques in the brain.

Kombucha -  Traditionally black tea has been used as an antioxidant, and may have an antimicrobial effect on the body, contains more than 700 phytocompounds that are beneficial for human health and fever. High in Probiotics and digestive enzymes.





Why consume high grade organic botanical herbs?

  • Humans have consumed herbs for at least as long we have been using fermentation
  • Science is confirming what ancient civilizations instinctively knew; traditional herbs contribute health benefits
  • Of the thousands of plant compounds traditionally discovered, hundreds have been studied by science, with their health-giving properties being  identified and confirmed
  • Herbs are grown not synthesised
  • Herbs form part of a whole food diet

Why ferment high grade organic botanical herbs?

Botanical herbs are not easy for the human body to digest

  • traditional preparations can deliver low levels of the beneficial compounds, as in their natural form they are difficult for us to absorb
  • modern supplements use heat and/or alcohol pressure to extract beneficial compounds,  resulting in isolated compounds
  • modern isolated compounds can have low bioavailability requiring relatively high dosage rates, potentially burdening the body
  • isolated compounds require the addition of other food substances to aid absorption
  • isolated compounds ignore the value of the whole herb, seeing the remainder of the herb discarded

Fermentation produces a whole food which combines the benefit of the traditional herb with the benefits obtained from consuming fermented foods

  • Fermentation allows for the whole of the herb to be made bioavailable
  • Microbes used to ferment herbs unlock the active components making them readily digestible, enhancing and creating new substances
  • High bioavailability requires a very low consumption rate
  • The herb is now part of a whole food matrix, including living organisms
  • Each 20 ml serving contains trace amounts of alcohol and sugar (used as suggested they can not be detected)
  • No gluten, grain or dairy
  • Suitable for a range of dietary protocols including vegan, diabetic & paleo

All herbs used are selected specifically with fermentation in mind.  The herbs are analysed and confirmed to be - Free of unwanted microbes, contain elevated levels of the precursor ingredients to insure a powerful ferment is achieved, free of heavy metals, free of pesticides. 

Once fermentation in completed each 20ml serve will contain 220mg of fermented botanical.   The important consideration here is that fermentation has rendered the herb bio-available.

Information courtesy of Grateful Harvest.