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Making a continuous Kombucha brew


The continuous brew method for making Kombucha involves removing some of the liquid each time and replacing with the same amount of fresh brewed sweetened tea. You will want to leave around 30% or more of the brew each time you draw off some kombucha. This gives a lovely fresh brew and helps it ferment faster, which is great if there is a lot of Kombucha being consumed in your home!

Advantages of the continuous method are

Less time consuming to make

Less likelihood of mould or other contaminants spoiling the ferment as once it is going the liquid maintains a far more acidic environment

A great population of good bacteria.

To get started making a continuous brew –

You will require a large glass container with a tap (plastic) so that you can draw off the fermented kombucha while still leaving enough as the “starter tea” to continue the fermenting. For this we offer the


Mortier Pilon Kombucha Brewing Jar 5L





You will also need a Kombucha SCOBY and Starter Tea



Sugar and black tea bags (preferably organic)


Jar size

Max size of sweet tea

Tea Bags



Starter tea

Brew time

2 Liters

6 cups


6 tbsp.

1 small

½-1 cup


4 liters

2.8 liters


¾ cup

1 large

1 cup


5.5 liters

3.8 liters


1 cup

1 large

1-2 cups


7.5 liters

5.7 liters


1.5 cups

2 large

2 cups


9 liters

7.5 liters


2 cups

2 large

2-4 cups