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Insomnia - a case study

How can Kinesiology help with insomnia?

I thought I would share a case study which will give those who have never experienced kinesiology insights into how kinesiology balances work. It contains some great strategies on combatting the horrible affliction that is insomnia.

Your body can let you know what it specifically needs to get your sleeping back into balance but we are all different and that is a great reason to have a kinesiology session yourself

A 29 year old female who I will call Sarah came to see me with the following issues;

-Not being able to sleep properly for the last 4 months

-Waking at the slightest noise

-Feeling anxious (for no definable reason) and feeling “grumpy”

Otherwise healthy, she ate a good diet but had quite a stressful corporate job.

In an initial kinesiology balance it is typical for the practitioner to ask many questions relating to a number of areas in the clients life. With Sarah, this resulted in the realisation that the insomnia coincided with her mother visiting from overseas. Or rather, the insomnia started just as her mother had left.

It was also particularly bad between 2am -5am which in Chinese medicine correlates with Liver and Lung time on the meridian wheel. Waking between 1am-3am or 3am-5am is especially common. This is due to the fact that insomnia is often associated with blockages in the liver meridian (which peaks at 3am). While the Lung meridian is at its most active by 5am. People who are in balance may stir around this time but either do not wake or if they do can go straight back to sleep.

Issues with the liver; emotionally these include anger, rage and frustration and the lung; grief and depression can often be the root of the problems.

Incidentally, many people have said that if they have consumed too much alcohol the night before they will often wake between 3 and 5 and are unable to get back to sleep – this is because the liver is over-stimulated by the toxins in alcohol and why many people find they have “an angry liver” or feel anxious and cross and short tempered when they have a hangover.

In Sarah’s case it became apparent that the stress she experienced while her mother was visiting (her mother was very negative about many aspects of Sarah’s life) was causing blockages in both her liver and lung meridians. The muscle test, (in kinesiology this is a method of asking the body for a response) confirmed this.

Further muscle testing suggested that the right approach was to apply EFT (emotional freedom technique) to work though some of the subconscious issues and limiting beliefs affecting Sarah and her ability to sleep. We successfully reduced the stress felt by these issues from a severity of 9 out of 10 to 1 out of 10.

The next balance showed that she needed to help the liver de-tox and that Fermented milk thistle was the most appropriate for her.

Further muscle testing showed an energy mismatch or allergy balance was required. It became apparent that her body was not absorbing the magnesium she consumed. We cleared this and she had to avoid all foods containing magnesium for 25 hours. After that she started taking a good quality Calcium and magnesium supplement. Magnesium helps to calm the nervous system down and helps muscles relax so is often a great supplement to try if you are experiencing insomnia.  Another way to get enough magnesium into your body is through Epsom salt baths.  This way it gets absorbed straight into the blood stream.  So a warm Espom salt bath before bedtime is perfect!

Next was Adrenal overload which made a lot of sense. Her brain was in fright, fight, flight mode most of the time, making it very hard to switch off and relax. This explains why she woke at the slightest noise; she was always on high alert. With further questioning she realised how much stress she was carrying around her job and her boss. There were many things her boss did that reminded her of her domineering father. While you may think this would be obvious to her, often the similarities can be subtle or “fuzzy”. However our Amygdala (the seat of our fright, fight, flight emotions) doesn’t need much similarity to associate things happening in the present with past traumas. The brain thinks it is actually the same event happening again and again. So even if we are not making a conscious connection our bodies can exhibit the same physiological response as when the original trauma first occurred. Sarah realised that she often had shallow breathing, felt hotter and more anxious when in her boss’s presence but had never made the connection to her father before.   It also blocked some of the pathways in her brain making it difficult for her to perform optimally in her job. We were able to help let go of these patterns which were stopping her from functioning at her highest level.

Finally Geopathic stress showed. With questioning I discovered that she often had her laptop in her bedroom and always used her mobile phone as her alarm clock. I advised her not to use the laptop in the bedroom and to get a battery operated alarm clock that did not have a constantly lit LED display. The electromagnetic rays (EMR's)  from both pieces of equipment can have a significant impact on sleep.  A Himalayan salt lamp can also to help disipate the EMR's

She returned 2 weeks later saying she mostly slept through the night now. On days where she had significant stress at work she was still finding it hard to switch off but overall felt she had an 80% improvement.  So we worked on this in her next session

If you would like to know more about her second session and how we got her to 99.9% please feel free to e-mail. You can E-mail me or call me with your questions or to make a booking. Please see Kinesiology sesction on this website for more information. Elaine Oliver