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Healing Botanical Fermented Herbs

Healing Botanical

Fermented Herbs; A synergy of nutrients and phytocompounds created during fermentation that produce extracts in a whole food matrix, without the use of high temperature, alcohol or chemical solvents.

At Grateful Harvest we are inspired by living wholefoods that nourish.

Our respect for a traditional, pre-industrial diet lead us to understand the power of fermentation. Our quest to provide the best quality products possible, brought us to our Canadian partners. They discovered that the wise and respected traditions of fermenting combined with safe and innovative modern methods, produce a ground-breaking range of whole food ‘supplements’ which go far beyond their original forebears.

When a traditional botanical (herb) is optimally fermented using an authentic ancient symbiotic culture, with the greatest enzymatic potential, an innovative extract is produced.

The Healing Botanical Range, unlocked and created ‘body-ready’ by the process of fermentation, contains;

  • Vitamins
  • Organic acids
  • Minerals in gulconate and acetate forms
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Bacteria & Yeast
  • Soluble polysaccharides
  • Alcohol, glycerol

What does this mean?

Beneficial organic acids have been found to provide an environment in which the gut can repair and rebuild. In doing so we create balance and a space in which good microbes can live & thrive. These microbes perform many key tasks, including pre-digesting our food so we can absorb the nutrients available, creating a healthy gut wall by forming a sound barrier, interacting with our immune system to stimulate and build a healthy immune response.

Healing Botanicals contain elevated levels of beneficial organic acids, as the 'piloted process' ensures their production is maximised

As the gut is studied further the importance of rebuilding a healthy gut is proving to be a major key to sustainable positive changes in the health and wellbeing of many.

Whilst the gut is repairing, how do we digest and absorb the nutrients our body needs? A damaged gut will struggle to perform this task, resulting in poor absorption of nutrients. If nutrients have been ‘un-locked’ (made available in their gulconate and acetate forms) then absorption can be achieved and the benefit of the botanical can be experienced. All of our Healing Botanicals have been fermented using the whole botanical. Unlike manufactured supplements which use alcohol, heat or chemicals to extract a component of the botanical, our products contain all the botanical has to offer, unlocked, body-ready, contained within a whole food matrix; a true whole food ‘supplement’.