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Ground Therapy Pillow Cover Set

$350.00 (inc GST) $318.18 (exc GST)

Ground Therapy Pillow Cover Set

$350.00 (inc GST) $318.18 (exc GST)
1.00 KGS
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The Ground Therapy Pillow Cover Kit covers your existing pillow and is designed with thin, perforated and 100% conductive carbon tech material. Use with your pillowcase or sleep directly on the pillow cover, plug into your grounded outlet, and enjoy your blissful, grounded sleep.

Take your beauty sleep to a new level by promoting anti-aging effects and eliminating inflammation in the face and scalp. You'll wake up feeling revitalized and filled with energy to face the day.


 The Ground Therapy Pillow Cover

Using this Pillow Cover will deliver the Earth's healing electrons directly to your head and neck. Excellent for stress reduction, improved mood, better sleep, depression, anxiety, headaches, neck pain, and much more. Every Ground Therapy Pillow Cover comes with a zipper closure. Simply place your pillow inside and zip it closed. This versatile product can be used as:

  • A pillowcase so that you obtain maximum conductivity through direct skin contact
  • A pillow cover underneath your existing pillowcase. You don’t need direct skin contact, but we recommend a thin cotton pillowcase as this will be the most effective. The natural moisture on our skin supports the conductive effect through other materials so the electrons will still very effectively pass from your Ground Therapy Pillow Cover. You can see this works by doing a multimeter test - compare your body voltage with skin contact to the Ground Therapy Pillow Cover and then lying on it with a pillowcase. You will find a minimal difference in your readings.
  • Benefits include: 
    • Wake up looking younger and rested 
    • Enjoy having more energy 
    • Minimise wrinkles 
    • Increase your metabolism 
    • Normalises circulation

Complete your grounded sleeping experience and get the ultimate full-body coverage (from head to toe) when you couple with our Ground Therapy Sleep Mats.

Other Benefits of Earthing

Earthing or grounding, makes use of free electrons from the Earth to re-balance your body, stabilise it's bio-electrical system and fight free radicals. Published research on Earthing indicates that a broad array of favourable health-related results including:

  • better sleep
  • reduction of inflammation and pain
  • improved blood flow
  • normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
  • calming effects on the nervous system


Many people with skin conditions such as acne notice a big improvement when sleeping with an Earthing Pillowcase or Cover. 


Ground Therapy Pillow Cover Set Includes:

  • 2 x Ground Therapy Pillow Cover
  • 2 x 6m Coil Cord
  • 1 x Australian Adapter Plug
  • 1 x Instructions

It measures 48.3cm (19") by 69.85 cm (27.5") and is conductive on both sides. Pillow Covers should only be used with the Coil Cord.


The thin black conductive material that your body makes contact with. It is made of PU (Polyurethane) resin. Leather look-alike items made with polyurethane (PU) are very consumer friendly and safe unlike older PVC leathers. The PU Leather is vinyl free, and platelet free. The thin black layer of PU leather is infused with conductive carbon pigment for the conductive top layer. Carbon is the 2nd most abundant element in the human body after oxygen. The carbon is what conducts the earths energy. It also makes the leather flame resistant naturally without the use of harsh flame resistant chemicals. The PU Leather would not be conductive without the addition of carbon. Made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials to provide a safe and premium quality grounding product.

Care Instructions

Simply wipe down your Ground Therapy Pillow Covert using soap and a damp or wet cloth or sponge. Do not use any house hold products like furniture polish as it will cause the cover to lose conductivity. It is good to wash your Earthing® product.


A Power Outlet Tester should be used to verify that your electrical outlet is wired properly for grounding. Simply plug it into an outlet, turn on the power and 3 amber lights will read that your outlet is grounded and ready for use with an Earthing Product.If your Outlet Ground Checker does not display 3 amber lights, then do not use the product before consulting an electrician. For your safety, locate any connecting cord in such a way that it doesn’t cause a tripping hazard.

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