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Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube

$1,995.00 (inc GST) $1,813.64 (exc GST)

Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube

$1,995.00 (inc GST) $1,813.64 (exc GST)
0.80 KGS
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Blushield is an active EMF protection technology designed to protect users from the health effects of man-made electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G and all other sources of EMF. 

The new Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube is the strongest Blushield protection to date and with the largest coverage area of 120m radius in all directions (240m diameter). 

Further enhanced with Blushield's proprietary formula, the C1 Ultimate Cube is stronger than the Blushield Premium Cube and Blushield Premium Ultra and is recommended for high density environments with high to extreme levels of EMF, including homes with solar panels, smart meters, in close proximity to antennas, smart meter grids, substations, high-rise apartments and workplaces. 


What are the benefits of using a Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube?

This new multi-wave scalar waveform configuration offers the best protection to date from radio frequency radiation and 5G. The Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube is the strongest Blushield model available to date and includes the enhanced protection of the constant output frequency also found in the Premium Cube and Premium Ultra models. 

The frequencies emitted by Blushield help to protect the body from EMF and to reach a coherent balance. When there is coherence in the body you can experience:

  • Reduced stress on your body
  • Increased stamina
  • Improved mental clarity 
  • Better sleep 
  • More energy
  • Promotes emotional stability

Are there any side effects using the Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube ?

Some people report that within the initial first few days after installing the C1, they feel low in energy or tired. This is a harmless transient condition and will pass. This is the body adapting to a new environment. Older people who have poor health may take longer to adapt, this is a normal prpcess as the body adapts to a new environment,

Is this enough protection for my home or office?

The Blushield C1 Ultimate Cube is recommended for all homes and offices with high to extreme levels of EMF. 

It is also recommended you use either a Blushield Premium Portable and Blushield U1 Ultimate Portable model to carry with you when you are away from your home or office, and/or a Blushield Auto model when travelling in your car. 

How does Blushield work?

Blushield technology is based on natural laws and principles. The devices work by emitting millions of natural scalar frequencies for a few seconds every 30 seconds. Scalar energy is found in nature and is therefore a frequency that our body has evolved with and can understand. Our body resonates with the scalar frequency. This is called sympathetic resonance.

When the body responds to Blushield's natural scalar frequencies it can ignore or over-ride the powerful man-made electromagnetic frequencies from WiFi, cell towers, smart meters, mobile phones and all sources of EMF. This helps to protect our body at a cellular level from the negative impacts of EMF. As electromagnetic fields are stronger than natural fields, Blushield uses microprocessor technology to emit its frequencies, offering more powerful and effective protection than passive solutions.

Blushield doesn’t BLOCK negative EMF’s, instead it provides a STRONGER signal, one that is based on natural principles, that your body wants to tune into. 



  • Covers 120m in all directions
  • Uses multiple scalar waveform outputs
  • Comes with 12V power pack
  • Low power consumption 
  • Suitable for high to extreme EMF levels
  • Microprocessor controlled 
  • Meets EMC EN 50082-1:1992 and EN 50081-1 
  • Meets electrical safety NZ/AS 3100 


  • Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 800g


All Blushield products carry a warranty period of 1 year. This covers factory defects or faults. This does not cover misuse, modification or neglect (dropping) or water damage. If a claim is to be made all postage costs are to be covered by the customer and Blushield Inc. will decide whether to repair or replace product depending upon the fault.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

It is important to us that our customers are happy with their Blushield purchase and experience the benefits of the Blushield Active EMF Protection. Blushield works to protect everyone from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies, but how you may feel around Blushield is an entirely individual experience, dictated mainly by your individual sensitivity to EMF.

For some, the difference they feel around Blushield frequencies can be immediate and dramatic and customers report immediate relief from long-term EMF-caused symptoms such as headaches and tinnitus. Whereas others might experience a more subtle change over a longer period of time. Some people, particularly with acute sensitivity to EMF, even find they experience an adjustment/detox period when they start using Blushield so have to build up their use more slowly.

It is for these reasons we encourage customers to give Blushield a try and we allow a generous period of 30 days so that you can decide whether Blushield is the right EMF protection solution for your individual circumstances. If you would like any help or advice during the 30-day period, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Plug Type: Supplied with 4 different interchangeable plug types

Please note that, because Blushield does not block, shield or modify the EMF in any way, there will be no change in readings on an EMF meter. 

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