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Bone Broth and Gelatin supplements

So what is all the fuss about bone broth? Isn’t this what our grandma’s used to make with the left over roast dinner?  So why has this recently become a “new” health food.  Well I’m about to answer those questions for you.  To me it was the missing link to recovering my gut health and staying healthy.

Over the last 20 years or so it was believed to be healthy, we had to consume as little fat as possible.  This led to a demand for leaner cuts of meat without the skin, bone and fatty bits.  This means we are getting far less gelatin and missing out on the minerals and amino acids and digestive aid that these parts of the animal are rich in.  We are basically throwing away the good bits!.  Chicken broth was the go to for all manner of sickness.  Now, most people no longer feel they have the time to boil up the whole chicken carcass or beef bones.


So what is it?

Gelatin is the cooked form of collagen which is a protein contained in the skin of animals.  It contains essential amino-acids Lysine, Proline and Glycine which accelerate cell growth (So important for people with leaky gut).  Collagen is a building block for the body and essential for healthy nails, hair and skin, ligaments and bones.  The older we get the less collagen we produce which cause the wrinkles in our skin to form and bones to become more brittle.  Consuming geltain can reduce these symptoms of ageing helping the body to repair quickly, enhance sleep, digestion, energy and recovery from illness.  If you do not have the time to make your own bone broth then Great lakes gealtin is the purest form of geltain on the market today.

Benefits of consuming gelatin

Ø  The Glycine in it is anti-inflammatory.  It is hydrating. It heals the wall or lining of the intestines and so can heal leaky gut.  It may also aid        low      stomach acid.
Ø  It is a pure protein and much better than other protein powders that are inflammatory to the body
Ø  The amino-acids help to keep bone strength and keep joints mobile.  It regulates cell health and metabolism,
Ø  It is fantastic at healing liver damage and aiding the liver to de-tox
Ø  It can help wounds and ulcers to heal more quickly.
Ø  It can help to balance hormones.





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